BricsCAD V24 Accelerate your time to deliverable.

New BricsCAD® V24 has improvements and features to streamline your design process.

BricsCAD V24: Your newest partner in CAD!

What new improvements and features have become available?

  • The new QUICKCALC panel makes it easy to perform mathematical calculations directly in BricsCAD, with support for parameters and formulae.
  • The new QDIM (Quick Dimensioning) feature helps you quickly create linear dimensions by selecting the objects you want to dimension.
  • New elegant Ribbon interface with improved performance, catering to the demands of modern 4K displays. It creates a better workflow and productivity.
  • New home page that simplifies the start-up of your projects through direct template selection. Now also with easy access to your last used documents.
  • Improved handling of 2D profile geometry and better control of arcs and circles for more precision in drawings.
  • Parametric blocks are more versatile than ever in BricsCAD V24. The software now also supports new features such as Move and Rotate, providing greater flexibility and control in drawings.
  • Direct printing/publishing to PNG and TIFF formats is now possible. As well as an improved support for PDF bookmarks and a sharper WMF output configuration option.
  • Ability to export exploded view steps in SVG and 3DPDF formats, allowing for easier sharing of detailed design representations.