Installation & configuration

Installation & configuration

Installation & configuration

Customised installations and software packages

We customise your installation and software according to your requirements and wishes. We work with your current IT organisation to find a solution that combines our knowledge and experience of our products with your knowledge and understanding of the IT environment and requirements.

We can, for example, manage the operation of your licence server in our own cloud environment (Microsoft Azure) or on your premises via remote desktops, ensure that new licences are added when contracts are renewed, monitor and report on licence usage and thus help with billing data for different divisions or offices.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I integrate your CAD environment with other systems?

Yes, we can integrate our CAD environment with document management systems, ERP systems or other administrative systems, on-premise or in the cloud. We work with your provider to find the best technical solution for all the systems involved in the integration.

Can I get help with installation and configuration?

We help you and customise your installation and software. We work with your IT organisation to find the best solution for your requirements and wishes.