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Civil Site Design

Civil Site Design - Innovative road and pipe design

Civil Site Design - Crossing

Civil Site Design provides you with highly efficient and easy-to-use design tools for road and corridor-based projects, land development and site grading, stormwater, sewerage and pipe design.

The extension was originally built for Civil 3D, and is now extended to work with AutoCAD® and BricsCAD®.

What is Civil Site Design?

Civil Site Design is designed for all civil designers. You can quickly and easily create road networks, add dynamic intersections and cul-de-sacs, and update as you make changes to any element.

The software is additionally tailored for road rehabilitation designers. You can generate output including long and cross section sheets, set points, volume reports and more directly in your drawing environment, customisable to suit your local drawing standards.

Civil Site Design - Road Design

Road design

Vertical Design Windows gives you full access to all selected design elements, including editing vertical design profiles and cross sections, establishing cut/fill factors, generating summary volume reports, and creating surface models of your designs.

Civil Site Design - Pipe Design

Piping / pipe design

The pipe design module in Civil Site Design allows you to easily create your design using polylines. Pipes and structures are assigned and your network is automatically generated.

The pipe designer has a powerful interface that shows the pipes in relation to the ground surface. Pipes are automatically designed based on the minimum allowable slope and other design flows. Obstructions from other tools are displayed and coloured with respect to minimum clearances.

Civil Site Design - Site Grading

Site grading

The Site Grading tools allow you to take a polyline and apply a cross-sectional template (assembly) to create a graded surface complete with corner cleaning. The surface and grading line is automatically updated as you edit your grading and you get immediate feedback on the impact of your changes.