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CADprofi CP-Symbols

Thousands with CAD symbols

Smart symbol insertion, automatic generation of specifications and parts lists are just some of the benefits of the programmes.

What are CP-Symbols from CADprofi?

CP-Symbols is a professional library of symbols created in accordance with both national and international standards.

CP-Symbols are available in the following industry series:

CP-Symbols is also available as a Suite, a low-cost package containing all industry series and libraries.

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CP Symbols Suite
CP-Symbols - mechanical symbols


Standardised spare parts library has the main elements from national and international standards, including: bolts, nuts, keys, wedges, bearings and more.

CP-Symbols - HVAC symbols


The industrial systems library has the main symbols used in industrial installation diagrams and P&ID diagrams.

CP-Symbols - Specifications


The CP-Symbols programme also contains general commands:

  • Lines (pipes, ducts, cables)
  • Frames and tables
  • Attributes and descriptions
  • List of materials