BricsCAD® makes it easy to get started

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Create the conditions for your team to succeed

As a CAD user, you can quickly get started with BricsCAD®. The familiar ribbon-based user interface is easy to learn. Once up and running, you can further enhance your workflows with BricsCAD's advanced features.

BricsCAD offers flexible and affordable licensing and a quick-to-use command interface.

BricsCAD® offers flexible and affordable licensing and an easily accessible command interface that makes it possible to get comfortable with BricsCAD® right away.

Combined with our industry-leading support, our easy migration and implementation assistance, and the forward-thinking pace of innovation of BricsCAD®, you have a comprehensive solution from today to well into the future.

Why choose BricsCAD®?

Compatible and learnable

Compatible and easy to get started

Easy migration and implementation

Easy migration and implementation

Flexible, affordable licensing

Flexible and affordable licensing


Innovative and forward-looking

BricsCAD is familiar and compatible with AutoCAD.

BricsCAD® feels like home!

Utilise what you already know with full command, scripting, macro and menu compatibility with CAD industry standards.

BricsCAD® is compatible with AutoCAD® 2020

  • Command compatible
  • Menu compatible (.CUI, .CUIX)
  • Macro/script compatible
  • Support file compatible (.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT, .SSM)
  • Based on the DWG 2018 standard

Use your AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks in BricsCAD®

You can use dynamic blocks created in AutoCAD® directly in BricsCAD®. Control visibility and stretch, flip and rotate, just like in AutoCAD®.

LISP practices

You can run LISP routines developed in AutoCAD® and other CAD applications and develop your own in the BricsCAD® LISP Advanced Development Environment (BLADE).

Automatic configuration and customisation transfer

In BricsCAD®, all standard configurations and custom apps (CTB/STB files, stock status, templates, tools, etc.) work. You just need to point BricsCAD to the right place on the server or copy them to a suitable BricsCAD folder on your local machine.

Support for multi-threaded functions with multiple processors

While accessing a CAD database is generally a serial process, BricsCAD® uses multi-core processors to accelerate drawing loads and detail views. The code is continuously evolving to take advantage of today's hardware platforms, while keeping the product lightweight and fast.

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BricsCAD Licence Models

Own or rent BricsCAD® - it's your choice

You can still own your licence. Buy a permanent licence for BricsCAD® once and use it as long as your computer and operating system support it. We also offer rental models if you prefer.

Our affordable BricsCAD® Maintenance programme helps you stay up-to-date with the latest major releases of the software at a low price.

BricsCAD® licence keys work with all language versions of the product. You can even use your licence on the move. If you want volume licences or floating network licences, we also offer them.

BricsCAD® is designed to meet the needs of most users, in a single product family. And you choose your platform - Windows, macOS or Linux.

Why buy BricsCAD® from PROCAD Systems?

PROCAD Systems AB is Bricsys Premium Partner and the largest reseller of BricsCAD® in the Nordic region.

As a reseller of BricsCAD® since 2002, we have extensive experience in CAD. Contact us if you want a quote, want to test BricsCAD or have other questions.

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Swedish support

Swedish support

When you buy BricsCAD® from PROCAD Systems, you also get access to Swedish support.

The BricsCAD® Maintenance service agreement is the easiest way to benefit from free upgrades and thus access to the latest BricsCAD® version and prioritised support.



We can help you customise your installation and software according to your requirements and wishes.

We work with your supplier to find the best technical solution for the systems involved in the integration.

Customised quotes

Customised quotes

Our sales representatives will guide you to a customised offer, based on your specific needs and wishes.

Clip card

Clip card

With our Clip Cards you can get help and support for installation and customisation. Combines favourably with our services.