The CAD system that challenges market-leading competitors

BricsCAD® - the smartest CAD tool on the market

BricsCAD® offers the most flexible licence model on the market. Choose between perpetual licences or subscriptions, network or standalone. Or mix and match to create a licence environment that suits your business.

Compare the price of BricsCAD® with the competition! A permanent BricsCAD® licence costs about half of an annual subscription to AutoCAD®.

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PROCAD Systems AB - Rickard Jonsson, Niklas Svensson
Niklas Svensson, Sales Manager BricsCAD®, and Rickard Jonsson, CEO.


We at PROCAD Systems have since 2001 a close co-operation with BricsCAD®'s manufacturer Bricsys. We are Bricsys Premium Partner and Scandinavia's largest reseller. We provide training and Swedish product support. Welcome to contact us!

Bricsys Premium Partner

BricsCAD® as an AutoCAD® alternative

BricsCAD® enables every draftsman, engineer, architect, surveyor and designer to achieve more at a lower total cost. Upgrade from AutoCAD® to BricsCAD® in just one hour and be productive in less than a day.

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BricsCAD as an AutoCAD alternative

Uncomplicated licence models

BricsCAD Licence Models

Design freely with BricsCAD®, the most cost-effective CAD software with DWG compatibility, flexible licensing and superior performance.

You can still own your BricsCAD® licence. Buy a permanent licence for BricsCAD once and use it as long as your computer and operating system support it. We also offer a rental model.

Our affordable BricsCADⓇ Maintenance programme helps you stay up to date with the latest versions of the software at a low price.

BricsCAD® licence keys work with all language versions of the product. You can even use your licence on the go. If you want volume licences, or floating network licences, we offer that too.

BricsCAD® is designed to meet the needs of most users, in a single product family. The platform is your choice - Windows, macOS or Linux.

Try the full BricsCAD® at no cost

Download a trial version of BricsCAD® Ultimate, where you can test all features of BricsCAD® Lite, Pro, BIM, Mechanical and Shape.

The trial licence is free of charge and valid for 30 days. If you need support during the trial period, please contact us.

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