Frequently asked questions

Is maintenance included in your rental agreements?

Yes, our rental contracts include free updates and priority support throughout the contract period.

What is BricsCAD® Maintenance

BricsCAD® Maintenance is a range of high priority support and maintenance services. For purchase licence holders, Maintenance is the most cost-effective way to keep your software up to date. All minor and major updates are included during the contract period.

Why should I choose BricsCAD® instead of AutoCAD®?

BricsCAD® offers the most flexible licensing model where you can choose between new and rental licences, network or standalone. You can even mix them freely for an environment that suits you. For example, if you compare the price of BricsCAD® with AutoCAD®, a BricsCAD® rental licence costs about half of the corresponding AutoCAD® licence.

Can I upgrade my old version of BricsCAD®?

Contact our support via the website and we will review your upgrade options and help you complete the process.

My licence server needs to be replaced. What should I do?

If the licence server needs to be replaced, please contact us at support@procadsystems.comand we will help you with the server move.

What is BricsCAD® Mechanical?

BricsCAD® Mechanical is the tool that gives you the freedom to create advanced mechanical designs. You can quickly develop complex components - individually or as a group of components. BricsCAD® Mechanical is the best choice for MCAD.

Do I need to subscribe to BricsCAD® Maintenance for add-ons/applications?

Our add-ons require you to subscribe to the Maintenance service contract for free upgrades and thus access to the latest software version and priority support.

I need a CAD solution for electrical design and installation, is it available?

PROCAD Systems AB develops and offers ELPROCAD, one of Sweden's leading CAD applications for electrical designers and installers. ELPROCAD ic is based on BricsCAD®. ELPROCAD xt can be combined with AutoCAD®.

Can I get help with installation and configuration?

We help you and customise your installation and software. We work with your IT organisation to find the best solution for your requirements and wishes.

Can I integrate your CAD environment with other systems?

Yes, we can integrate our CAD environment with document management systems, ERP systems or other administrative systems, on-premise or in the cloud. We work with your provider to find the best technical solution for all the systems involved in the integration.

What is BricsCAD® Ultimate?

BricsCAD® Ultimate combines BricsCAD® Pro, BricsCAD® BIM and BricsCAD® Mechanical in one package at a favourable price. This means you can run BIM and Mechanical simultaneously on the same computer, with a single licence key.

What is BricsCAD® Pro?

BricsCAD® Pro is the tool for advanced 2D and 3D design. It is the obvious choice for users who want to speed up the work process using third party applications.

What is BricsCAD® BIM?

BricsCAD® BIM offers a unique approach to building information modelling, from design to BIM model and documentation in a single platform.

What does it mean to own your software?

A BricsCAD® licence provides lifetime access to the BricsCAD® software with no monthly or annual fees. The software will work as long as your computer and operating system support it. Priority support and updates are available through Maintenance agreements.

We also offer a rental model, where software, priority support and updates are included at a fixed monthly price.

Do the licence keys differ according to language, location or operating system?

No, the licence keys work with all language versions of the product and for all supported operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux). You can also use your licence while travelling.

How does a BricsCAD® single licence work?

A single licence is activated directly on a computer. The licence does not require access to a local network. If the licence is to be used on another computer, it needs to be deactivated and then reactivated on the new computer.

How do I convert my BricsCAD® trial to a paid licence?

You can easily purchase the licence you need via our online shop. Once you have the licence key, restart the trial product and enter your key in the Licence Manager. This will activate your trial version as a commercial product and you will automatically receive the correct licence level.

What is the free trial period for BricsCAD®?

The trial period gives you full access to BricsCAD® Ultimate, where you can test all features of BricsCAD® Lite, Pro, BIM, Mechanical and Shape. The trial licence is valid for 30 days. If you need support during the trial period, you are welcome to contact us.

Why should I consider a Maintenance contract?

BricsCAD® Maintenance is the easiest way to get free upgrades and thus always have access to the latest software version. BricsCAD® Maintenance also includes prioritised product support.

Our single licences can be complemented by a Maintenance Agreement and the Maintenance Agreement is mandatory for network licences.

What is BricsCAD® Lite?

BricsCAD® Lite is the fastest route to 2D drawings and manufacturing documentation, and a great solution for infrequent users of 2D design.

What is a rental agreement?

The rental option gives you access to the latest version of BricsCAD® for one year. It includes priority support and access to all updates and new versions released during the contract period.

What is a network licence?

A network licence is installed on the local network and allows multiple users to access licences. Licences are distributed by a licence server and to as many clients as the activation key allows. If a client releases its licence, it immediately becomes available to another user. Network licences require BricsCAD® Maintenance.

What happens if I do not renew a Maintenance contract?

If you choose not to renew your BricsCAD® Maintenance contract, you will no longer have access to priority support and software updates. However, your current BricsCAD® version will continue to work as long as your computer and/or operating system supports it.